Where do I start?

First, to make sure you have access to all the documentation available to you, make sure to login.

If you want to explore, you can use the categories and tags listings below. Documentation is sorted into four broad categories:

Administrative: This is meant for things that are not clearly defined into the other categories. Examples include IP addresses and machine names, expiration dates of service accounts, and access levels. This is restricted to ITG staff.

Custom Applications: Contains information about all of our customer facing applications developed by ITG. Depending on the content this could be available to the public, end users, or ITG staff only. 

ETL Jobs: Describes the overall setup of our ETL jobs we run. This is restricted to ITG staff.

Infrastructure: Details applications and services that support other ITG applications or jobs. This is mainly about ITG backend technologies. Restricted to ITG staff.

Clicking on the category link will list everything in that category that you have access. 

Tags are another way to find information. Tags are like manually added keywords that group documents together. For example, there may be a carpool application user guide and a carpool technical information overview. If both contained the carpool tag, they would be listed under the carpool tag listing (if you had access). Clicking a tag below will list all documents tagged with that word that you have access.

If those are not your thing, the Search option in the top right of the page is also a great way to find information. It will list all documents related to the search terms that you have access.